Am I having fun yet?

I tend not to enjoy things I’m bad at.

This makes improv tricky, because— I’ve been told— one of the tricks to making it work is bring your love of improv to the stage. If you aren’t having fun, then why would the audience?

How can I make this fun?


This may not help anyone except me, but:

I’m lucky to be a very physical improviser. My off-stage brand of humor is guided by over-the-top gesticulations, emotive eyebrows, and a stretchy face.

Along with all this physicality comes a love for dance. I’ve never been any good at it, but I can’t stop myself from boogeying to anything with a beat. I tap out little air-piano melodies on the subway, I bounce to intermission music, and if I can find a legitimate excuse to dance, I will break out my wild and often inappropriate moves: the Charleston, I find, pairs well with Beyonce.


Oftentimes people mistake my enthusiasm for skill.

After all: anyone who has the guts to dance around like a crazy person in front of everyone MUST have SOME idea of what he’s doing.

This is exactly what I need to bring to improv.

What’s another example? The seven-hour marathoner?

What are you enthusiastic about?


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