Kirk Damato on characters’ starting POVs

Anonymous asked:Do you have any pointers for getting a character’s Point of View/”Deal” at the top of a scene?

Great question! Well, you can…

  • Take inspiration from the suggestion or opening. So if you get “orange,” you could extrapolate a sunny person, a laid-back person, or a big doofy guy inspired by the Syracuse Orange Man.
  • React to the initiation. Your honest reaction will point you in a direction for your character. Hopefully it isn’t something difficult to play like “meh,” bemusement, or detached irony.
  • Decide beforehand. People do this. The simpler the better. “Old person” leaves a lot of opportunities open, whereas “Old person who is bitter because of the war and your partner’s your kid who doesn’t understand what is like and by the way it’s 1950” is a toughie.

Any other suggestions?


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