Class notes – Magnet level 2, class 3

New notes on old concepts– or refining what I think I know about old concepts–

STATUS: Matching scenes are always fun, but knowing your character’s status (is this guy a 1? a 10? a 3.5?) makes for a stronger character, which makes for a stronger scene. Beginning improvisers tend to play mostly high status characters, so make sure you’re mixing things up.

INITIATIONS: Make sure everything you need your scene partner to know is clearly conveyed in your initiation. If they take the scene in a direction you didn’t intend, that’s YOUR fault for not being clear. Your scene partner can’t read your mind!

SECOND BEATS: Having a strong character in the first beat, or making sure your character “has a deal” in the first beat– makes it much easier to do a second beat with that character/situation.


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