Month: January 2015

I still like you


Improv etiquette question:

If someone posts a show photo on social media, and you weren’t at the show, is it okay to “like” the photo? Or is “liking” it saying “I support you, just not in any way that matters”?

Follow-up question: does the okay-ness of you “liking” that photo matter if you missed the show for good reasons (like “I was on the other side if the country”) or bad reasons (like “I didn’t feel like going”)?


An out-of-context quote


…I thought you were born with a certain amount of artistic talent or ability. This talent couldn’t increase or decrease, it was just inherent. …[But rather] you cannot be afraid to be “bad”. You just have to realize your work isn’t finished yet and you need more practice. It takes courage to be imperfect.